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Fatz Sac Dog Beds are an all year round bed in a complete variety of sizes and colours for use in-doors and outdoors.

Our quality manufacturing process uses a waterproof nylon for an inner lining, with a durable and washable polyester outer lining. Fatz Sacs are filled with polyester beads which can be easily added to or removed for greater comfort as required.

Fatz Sacs are warm, comfortable and will shape to the pets posture and needs - which makes them excellent for pets suffering from arthritis or recovering from surgery.

Fatz Sacs are one of the most addictive and healthiest animal bed on the market!

Price and size guide  
Small      55x65 cm $89.00
Medium   65x90cm $109.00
Large       80x105cm $169.00
X-Large    85x115cm $209.00
XX-Large  95x125cm $235.00
Jumbo     100x150cm $249.00

What size bed for your pet? Look at the guide and find your dog breed or a similar size. Please note that this is only a guide.

Small Cats, Fox Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier
Medium Beagle, Cairn Terrier, Corgi
Large Border Collie, Bull Terrier, Samoyeds
X-Large Belgian Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador
XX-Large German Shepherd, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler
Jumbo Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, New Foundland


The "Fatz Sac" name is a registered trade mark

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